Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Goals Update - thru day 23

Well, my original list is obviously not in order, but I have checked off what I did accomplish:

1. Make list of goals - CHECK

2. Clean off scrap area CHECK

3. Create LO for 52 Weeks of ME Album CHECK

4. Wash bed sheets/comforter CHECK actually done Day 3

5. Go through cookbook & move shelf - still needs to be done (I was sick)

6. Organize crafting ribbons Cleaned off bookshelf which seems to be the "catch all' for everyone: CHECK

7. Organize LO's into kids albums CHECK

8. laundry CHECK

9. Clean out fridge Clipped coupons instead of cleaning fridge CHECK

10. Clean off desk - still in progress

11. Make some B-day cards  CHECK  Picture to come

12. Create LO for 52 Weeks of Me album  CHECK picture to come

13. Shop for scrappy supplies (but who needs an excuse for that?!?)  CHECK

14. Day with Madyson  (granddaughter)  CHECK


16. Start planning Wabeno Scrapbooking weekend  CHECK

17. Create LO for 52 Weeks of Me album  CHECK

18. Send out Superbowl invites  CHECK

19. Make special B-day cards for Michael (hubby) & Emma (grandbaby)  CHECK

20. Make Lasagna for dinner  Dinner and Dominoes with family  CHECK

21. Go thru PC paperwork CHECK actually done Day 4

22. Cake & ice cream w/family for Michael's birthday  CHECK

23. Get silent auction items together  CHECK

24. Scrap ALL day!!!

25. Organize pantry

26. Make Valentine cards for the grands

27. Set up for silent auction @ Church

28. Emma's 1st Birthday Party!!!

29. Whatever I want day!

30. Create a mini album

31. Organize scrap magazines
Happy Scrapping


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