Saturday, June 4, 2011

Busy Day

Well we have 3 of the 5 grandkids this weekend.  We were up at 7 am, I had blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes made for everyone, got everyone dressed and out the door by 9 am.  We went to a special "Dairy Days festival" where the kids had face painting, free ice cream, milk, gogurts, played games and went through a petting zoo!  We then went to the park and rode the train and merry go round, came back to town and went to Hobby Lobby.  The kids picked out papers to make mini paper bag albums.  What fun!!!  We came home, had lunch, rested for a bit, went to the water splash pad to play, came home had dinner, did our projects, gave the kids baths and snacks and now everyone is ready for bed!  What a fun (but busy) day!

Dylan even made a special project (for boys only) with grandpa that he is going to give daddy for Father's Day!

Happy Scrapping

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  1. Wow, how in the world did you fit all of the fun into one single day! The kids look a little tuckered out...LOL! They look like they just had a great and memorable day. Plenty of memories to write about and if there were pictures, to put in their new albums!